About Us

Serving Seniors in the Columbus, Ohio Region for 20+ Years

At Select Home Care, we deliver the highest quality home care services to encourage senior health and wellness in their home. Our specialty is restoring the maximum level of functional independence in clients through education, community resources, and diversified professional services.

What We Do

We provide skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy in homes and assisted living facilities. We are known for our compassion, going above and beyond, and our excellent communication with patients, families, and facility staff.

At Select Home Care, we also provide a fall prevention program for clients with cognitive impairment, a cognition management program for Assisted Living, and Memory Care Hearing Health Solutions. Not only do we care for you and your loved ones medically and physically, but we also care for you mentally. Everything we do is with your goals and well-being in mind. The end goal is a whole-person and family approach to senior health and wellness.

Where We Serve

Select Home Care proudly cares for the greater Columbus, OH region and beyond. Our services are available in the following Ohio counties:

  • Champaign
  • Delaware
  • Fairfield
  • Franklin
  • Knox
  • Licking

  • Madison
  • Marion
  • Morrow
  • Pickaway
  • Richland
  • Ross
  • Union

How We Are Different

Select Home Care has a 5-star patient satisfaction rating and is a deficiency-free agency.  What this means is that when you choose Select Home Care, you have a home health agency that can help restore you to your prior level of function or beyond with specializations in senior health and wellness. By your side are experienced caregivers who are compassionate, communicate with you, and include and advocate for you in designing a care plan.


How to be Referred for Care from Select Home Care

If you are interested in receiving care from Select Home Care, we need to receive a referral from a member of your care team. We can receive referrals for care from many sources, including hospital discharges, nursing home discharges, post-surgical care, physician direct referral, podiatrist referral, and chiropractic referral.

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