Occupational Therapy

Regain Confidence in Your Daily Activities

Following an illness or injury, getting back to taking care of yourself safely is probably high on your to-do list. With occupational therapy at home, Select Home Care helps to restore your function and safety while performing your activities of daily living. Our Central Ohio occupational therapists can also provide recommendations and assistance in obtaining adaptive equipment and other assistive devices.

Your Trusted Home Occupational Therapists

The Select Home Care occupational therapy team helps patients recover or adapt to illnesses or injuries. At Select Home Care, you can receive occupational therapy at home, starting with a thorough hands-on evaluation. They will assist you with setting goals and devise the best treatment plan for your individual needs! As part of the treatment plan, patients will be led through exercises that involve everyday tasks and routines. Our highly trained Occupational Therapists also provide specialty services in the area of cognitive training for patients with a dementia diagnosis, as well as assessments for low vision needs. This leads to patients confidently resuming ownership and control of their daily lives. Our end goal is for our patients to have a maximum level of independence while maintaining control of their own health and wellness.

Cognitive Management Program

Select Home Care’s cognitive management program assesses our patients’ abilities by establishing a cognitive baseline level. Through patient, family, and staff education, as well as intervention, we help improve safety and maximize function!

Low Vision Services

VIP (Visual Impairment Priority): Our Occupational Therapists collaborated with the Department of Optometry at The Ohio State University to develop guidelines and provide in-services to residents in assisted living facilities.​

  • Specialized Equipment Contrast Markings in Bathrooms, etc.
  • Lighting Assessments
  • Teaching Compensatory Strategies
  • Sensory Integration Methods
  • Identifying and Implementation of Community Resources

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