Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is the treatment of speech and communication disorders.


Speech Therapy Services: The elderly suffer from a wide variety of diseases that may impact their ability to communicate effectively. Diseases such as stroke, dementia, head injuries, etc. often cause deficits that can have serious consequences that may affect the ability to eat, perform daily tasks, and communicate their needs.


At Select Home Care, our licensed Speech Therapists will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine of there is a language-based problem, a swallowing issue, or a cognitive issue. They will make recommendations for diet modifications, contact physicians, and request Modified Barium Swallow studies, and develop a individualized treatment plan to improve speech and language. They also can provide Cognitive Therapy for problem solving, sequencing, reasoning, recall tactics, as well as family/staff training for those residing in assisted living facilities.


Our Speech Therapists also have extended training and additional certifications in Vital-Stim, Cognitive Training, as well as the administration of Allen Cognitive Assessments, and Arizona Battery Assessments.