Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps to restore function and safety with Activities of Daily Living. They may also provide recommendations and assistance in obtaining adaptive equipment and other assistive devices.


At Select Home Care, our Occupational Therapists will perform a thorough hands-on evaluation. They will assist you with setting goals and devise the best treatment plan for your individual needs!


Our highly trained Occupational Therapists also provide specialty services in the area of Cognitive Training for patients with a Dementia diagnosis, as well as assessments for low vision needs.

VIP (Visual Impairment Priority): Our Occupational Therapists collaborated with The Dept. of Optometry at The Ohio State University to develop guidelines and provide in-services to residents in assisted living facilities.

  • Specialized Equipment Contrast Markings in Bathrooms, etc.

  • Lighting Assessments

  • Teaching Compensatory Strategies

  • Sensory Integration Methods

  • Identifying and Implementation of Community Resources